has four locations, at five locations in functional, customer-oriented superstructures for trucks and trailers.

Company was established in Haapajärvi in 1964. KOME operates Haapajärvi in two locations, as well as Iisalmi, Rautalampi and Nummela. The company’s brands are KOME, RKP, BRIAB, AKM and KOME shafts. KOME has around 17,500 m2 of production space, as well as office and storage space. The company operates its own facilities.

KOME products include gravel, open cargo trailers, swap body, timber, peat / wood chip products. The company produces new products and logistics solutions.

The company is known for its diverse array of structural and material-minded solutions that are an integral part of high-strength steels. The company is known for its versatile construction material and unconventional solutions, which are an integral part of high-strength steels.

KOME manufactures products that are convenient for use in northern climates. Product structure is taken into account for use in the snow, frost and long mileages, as well as high utilization characteristics required.