Animal transport

Animal transport

Manufacturer of trucks, superstructures and trailers.

Lift cars

Elevator trucks for animal transport with electronic detachable or fixed, semi- or carpeted scales

• The scales always have all the latest official approvals and certifications as well as a tilt compensation system as standard.

1-Floor trailers and cars

1-storey trailers and trucks for driving cattle and livestock on hydraulic loading bridges.

2-storey cars and trailers

3-layer trailers

Thermally insulated construction in all products:

• walls and ceiling 50 mm reinforced cell element
• self-supporting floor 100 mm cell element with wood reinforcement.

Body heating system:

• 9 – 11.5 Kw Mikuni or Webasto heaters.
• Optitemp IV temperature monitoring system in the car.
• Optitemp IV temperature monitoring system SIM card with alarm in trailer.

No through element bores:

• fastening of gate frames by bolting to aluminum inserts inside the wall and ceiling.

Gate systems are customized, usually using aluminum and stainless steel.

As an additional function of the scale:

• The animal’s electronic ear tag combined with horizontal weight information that goes directly to the slaughterhouse in real time.

Composite structure:

• Seamless hollow composite with walls, floors and ends of a uniform structure; no joints.
• Significantly higher impact / impact strength than conventional construction.


• Fault-tolerant construction, long service life, easy to repair, eg local damage (hole in the wall) does not replace the entire wall.
• Thermally insulated construction.
• Commonly used structure since 2004 in peat and wood chip products.
• Kome Oy’s own production, composite body factory in Mikkeli