KOME trailers

Manufacturer of trucks, superstructures and trailers.

Ultra Light

Length max. 6,000 mm.
Trailer lowest weight:
• 3-axle, 6,350 kg
• 4-axle, 7,200 kg

• heating for longitudinal beams.
• screen (high or low)
• cover with or without arcs
• vibra

Ultra Basic R200

A new generation gravel hopper without outer lining sheet.
Thanks to the rounded R200 edges, different kinds of soil are easily detached from the hopper. The shape improves rigidity, which corresponds to the traditional smooth-side model. The hopper, including its sides, can be equipped with a variety of heating elements. Several different types of sheet metal upholstery options are available. R200 is one of the most popular gravel hopper models in the 2000s.

Trailer weights from 6,950 kg for 3-axle models and 7,900 kg for 4-axle models.

Ultra Asfalt R450

R450 is designed specifically for transportation of asphalt.
. In the middle section of the hopper, there is only about 1,500 mm in straight section (a normal cassette trailer hopper does not fit in). The rails are replaced with structures under the hopper.

Wide range of upholstery sheets from stainless steel to various types of steel. The sides can be equipped with heating circuits. Lorry hopper weights from 2,450 kg, and length 4,000-9,000 mm as per choice. Volumes from 13.5 m3.

Smooth-side model

The smooth-side gravel hopper is a classic in the world of hoppers.
This hopper model has remained popular even in the 2000s even though its production started in the 1970s.

The benefit of a gravel hopper wit smooth sides include, for instance, excellent heat distribution and tipping stability.

Hopper volumes from 13.5 m3 and weights from 2,900 kg. Hopper lengths 4,000–9,000 mm as per choice.

Sides with posts

Length selectable, standard length 6,000 mm, width 2,250 mm.
Side heights 1,300–1,500 mm.

Cassette equipment:
• RKP automatic cassette (with rails, without rails)
• Hose cassette
• Kome/Piikkiö automatic cassette

• cover with or without arcs

Siromatic R200

Length selectable, width 2,550 mm.
/ Side heights are defined in the design process. No cassetting. Tipping to one side only.

Smooth-side model
Length selectable, width 2,550 mm.
Side heights are defined in the design process. No cassetting. Tipping to one side only or to both sides.