Kome peat and wood chip products and baskets have revived. Long-term product development has resulted in an even lighter, more durable and more practical collection.

Manufacturer of trucks, superstructures and trailers.

It is easy to fix the potential damage of the new bolt-assembled frame. Assembled bolt body is not solvable in welding points. Unladen weight of the trailer starting at just 8900 kg!


KOME KC is a new element with the hard and medium hard surface materials working together, KOME AL-lists thermal bridges structure.


KOME Folding Roof minimizes wind load and prevent the opening of the roof while driving. It is lightweight and reliable. The new cover system allows heaped loading and loading on both sides.


KOME remote control system allows facilitating the daily work, and helps the driver to operate the equipment in any situation.


The combination of composite weighs is even less than 20,000 kg, and cars under 9000 kg. In the design snow load in the winter share has been halved.


We manufacture trolleys and baskets, as well as the landfill site equipment…


We also manufacture folding wall trailers that allow more versatile use.